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Millions for Tucson Raffle Rules

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  1. a 2019 Jeep Cherokee Summit; or
  2. Two Round-Trip First-Class Airline Tickets to ANYWHERE in the World; or
  3. $5000 Cash! 

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YOU HELP Southern Arizona Centre for the Arts provide:

  • Dance Classes & Scholarships for Kids;
  • Massage Therapy for Vets & people with chronic-pain and debilitating conditions;
  • Preservation of Restoration of a Historic American Art Treasure;
  • Culinary Services for Kids, and Families for health, & wellness! 

We will send you your ticket to you immediately! So please make sure to give us your full contact & payment information when you purchase your ticket/s! Thank you and "May the odds be ever in your Favor!" 

- quote from The Hunger Games