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Internship Information

We are seeking two internship positions:

  • Non-Profit Development Intern
  • Art Archive Research Assistant

  • Interns will engage in projects & tasks that contribute to the professional work of the organization with mutually beneficial results, designed to assist the Intern's academic pursuit with career-oriented experiential-knowledge applicable to their degree focus, and create functional results for the organization.
  • The work experience will be an opportunity for the student intern to apply & test the academic knowledge in a professional real-world work environment where results will be evaluated based upon effective application and functional development, rather than solely upon a success/failure work situation. To the best of our abilities the organization will adhere to the basic criteria of the NACE guidelines as follows:

  1. There shall be no expectation of compensation or future employment during the internship.
  2. There will be access to direct-hands-on cooperative/collaborative training, direction, and exemplification of work related aspects of the position and duties required.
  3. There will be a focus upon utilizing the intern's direct and/or related degree studies within the project/tasks involved in completing work in order to ensure actual recognizable transferable skills to confirm academic credit at the completion of the internship.
  4. The organization will adhere to the Intern's academic schedule both in day-to-day work and the overall length & scope of project and tasks of the project. 
  5. The intern position will focus upon the relatedness of the interns duties to the overall degree-focus for which the experiential-knowledge and transferable skills relate during the time-period of the internship.
  6. The Internship will be viewed as a type of support staff, and not as an independent work position, in order to ensure that there is ample focus upon the educational value of the experience for the student, so that the intern enables the organization's staff to maximize efficiency based upon applicable transferable-skill compatibility with educational value.  
  7. The Internship will be re-evaluated by the above criteria at the completion of the duration of the project.


Non-Profit Development Intern

  • Assist with Strategic Plan Development for sustainable funding measures.
  • Assist with designing a flexible organizational template for the Grant application request process to enable organizational efficiency in adhering to grantor's guidelines while maximizing project diversity.
  • Assist in compiling a database of organizational grant application resources with application timetable, and source guidelines to enable efficiency for organization's apply-process.
  • Assist in streamlining the organization's "story" in order to produce compelling and concise presentations to granting agencies/foundations & potential corporate/individual sponsors. (Formalize effective needs/results summary, impact & vision development, and impactful LOI & endowment requests, and possible development of alternate funding sources, such as online crowdfunding compaign.)    


Art Archive Research Assistant

  • Assist in the cataloging of the organization's Art collection, including determining genre, background information of pieces, and restoration necessities for those pieces which require any restorative work.   


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